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Here is what my clients have to say about me:

“They were very responsive and could fit an appointment in my schedule/time frame. He spent several hours going through my home and property and definitely uncovered some issues that I have since brought up to the builder. However, I did not like that because I used a credit card to pay, I was assessed an additional surcharge.” - Holly(source – Angie’s List)


“Brian was great and so easy to work with! His price was affordable and he provided a wonderful report and was extremely thorough. I really appreciate the extra time he spent explaining why certain things were in the report that, as first time homebuyers, we didn’t understand. I’d absolutely use him again!!!” - Erica (source – Better Business Bureau)

“Bryan did a good job of inspecting our house and paying attention to details. He was punctual and also courteous. He was also easy to work with. His extensive report came back quick. I would really recommend AZ Superior Home inspection to anyone.” - Richard (source – Angie’s List)

“Bryan did a very thorough inspection of our home and did not miss a thing! It is nice to have the piece of mind that we will get everything he found fixed by the builder. Highly recommend AZ Superior Home Inspections!” - Brandon (source – Better Business Bureau)

“Having AZ Superior Home Inspections inspect my new home was the right choice. The inspection was exactly what I expected and what was delivered. Very professional and courteous service. I felt that the inspection was very through and complete. All findings were reviewed with me and a final report was provided so that I had a detailed record to show my builder. I would highly recommend AZ Superior Home Inspections.” - Bill (source – Better Business Bureau)

“I moved into a new build in April 2016. I vacillated as to whether or not I should hire an inspector with my 1-year warranty anniversary approaching. I finally made the decision & I am so thankful I did. Bryan, the owner, found several places on my roof where there were gaps b/w the tile & you could see through to the weatherproof membrane. He also discovered the electrical wiring in ½ of my upstairs wasn’t done correctly. Not only did the inspection save me the possibility of water damage in my attic, these things would’ve been flagged by a home buyer’s inspector whenever I made the decision to sell my home - by then, I would’ve been paying for these repairs out of my own pocket, not my builder warranty. So, note to future self, always get your home inspected prior to your warranty running out. Speaking specifically to Bryan & AZ Superior Home Inspections, I am equally thankful I chose this company for my inspection. Bryan made a call ahead reminder prior to the inspection date, showed up on time, & completed the inspection w/in the timeframe he told me. Just as important, he did a very thorough job that not only found issues, but also caused me to be more educated about my home. He gave me a Summary report describing what he found, where he found it, & suggested remedy which was perfect to email to my builder to request warranty repairs & he also left me a detailed report which gave me invaluable information about my home. Bryan was very pleasant to work with, patiently answered questions about what he was doing & regarding his findings, & he was also careful as to the fact I have 2 indoor cats. I absolutely feel like I got my money’s worth & wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Bryan & AZ Superior Home Inspection to anyone needing this service. As a footnote, I shared w/2 of my neighbors what Bryan found in my inspection…they each hired Bryan & were both very happy with him as well. And yes, he found things in their homes that they had no knowledge of either, so another confirmation in my mind to invest in getting a home inspection for a brand new home.” - Jenny (source – Better Business Bureau)

“Bryan was on time and met his schedule. He was very thorough, clean and neat and informative. I would be more then willing to refer him to anyone.” - Gary (source – Better Business Bureau)

“Since my home was coming up on its 1 year anniversary of being built, my husband and I decided to have our home inspected before our warranty was up. After researching a few companies, we decided to go with AZ Superior Home Inspections. Bryan inspected our home. He seemed very knowledgeable and he explained things to me in a way that was easy to understand. He worked quickly and was very considerate with me and my newborn as he tested different things in my home. Bryan found many things that needed to be repaired and a few would have been very costly repairs down the road. I highly recommend AZ Superior Home Inspections. The name says it all!” - Melissa (source – Better Business Bureau)“The inspection was very professional. He was on time and did a very through inspection. This is the third time I have used this company and I would highly recommend them.” - John (source – Better Business Bureau)

“He was very punctual and professional. He gave us a verbal and printed report of what needed attention, and the next day emailed a very detailed report with pictures.” - Mary (source – Angie’s List)

“Inspector was very professional, knowledgeable, and trustworthy. He knew his business and was very methodical in going about inspecting all items. He reviewed his findings with us and explained everything.” - Ann (source – Better Business Bureau)

“Az Superior Home Inspections did a thorough job of going over every element of the home construction. The inspection was for the 1 year end of warranty of a new home. He checked windows, plumbing, electrical, roof, stucco, attic insulation, HVAC, irrigation, and etc. Very professional and trustworthy.” - Tom (source – Better Business Bureau)

“Bryan was professional, knowledgeable, and efficient in the process of the inspection. He clarified and provided detailed report of inspection as well as providing outstanding details with full summary report. Highly recommend and will utilize for future inspections.” - Keith (source - Better Business Bureau)

“Our house is a year old and the customary 1 year repair request was needed. Rather than trust that the builder did everything right, we hired AZ Home Inspections for the inspection of the home. Brian was very attentive during the inspection. He uncovered all the little things that we would not know to look for such as missing rain collars from vents on the roof, cracked tiles on the roof, loose electrical outlet covers on the exterior along with things our untrained eyes would not have noticed. While our home was built with one the top builders in AZ that wins numerous awards for quality of home, we did not want to just trust that everything was proper on their word. While the home was found to be really well done, one of the biggest items he found was that we had insufficient insulation in the attic space. We had paid for R-38 standards of blown in insulation and had not received the proper amount. Brian has a keen eye, notices the little things that untrained homeowners wouldn't and did the job within 3 hours for a 1700 sq. ft. home. We are very pleased with the results of his inspection. Our builder never blinked an eye for anything that was requested and the repairs were made. Since the additional insulation was blown into the house, we have noticed the AC isn't coming on as often and the house retains the cool air longer. Overall, I would highly recommend this service for anyone who has purchased a new home and wants to insure that their builder did a good job and that everything under warranty is as should be. His rates were competitive with several other companies we received direct mailers from for this type of service and he was the only company we contacted that returned the call on the same day we left the message. He also offered a $50 discount for our service and his price of $250 came in lower than other companies we contacted. Well done and thank you Brian for giving us peace of mind and great service” - Ray (source – Angie’s List)

“Bryan from Superior exceeded our expectations with his level of detail and commitment to leaving
no stone unturned.” - D (source – Angie’s List)

“Bryan Snyder of AZ Superior Home Inspection was thorough, professional and personable. He provided two hard copies of the Inspection Summary on-site upon completion of the inspection, then later that afternoon sent an email copy of the summary and the Full Inspection Report. Bryan was a pleasure to do business with. I would definitely recommend him.” - Tom (source – Better Business Bureau)

“We were very impressed and pleased. Brian was very thorough and extremely professional. We will be giving his cards to our neighbors to recommend him. We highly recommend him to anyone who is in need of a terrific inspector for either purchasing a new or resale home or for one year warranties coming up with a builder.” - Leslie (source – Angie’s List)

“Bryan Snyder did a great job and I would highly recommend him. His price for his services was fair.” - Matthew (source – Angie’s List)

“It was fantastic. He came on time, explained what he was going to do, and why he did it. He was extremely though. We look forward to using his services in the future. We were very happy with his complete professional report, that arrived the next morning in our email, which made it very easy for us to communicate with our builder. We highly recommend him for all your home needs.” - David (source – Angie’s List)

“Perform an inspection of a home we are in the process of buying and identified several items that should be repaired or replaced. His input was very important to us during this process and we were able to get his expert advice. Bryan use cutting edge technology to identify deficiencies that would otherwise go unnoticed by the naked eye. He identified a faulty water heater that the seller was considering replacing. Now with Bryan's input we will be able to prove the water is degrading and needs to be replaced. “ - Luis (source Angie’s List)

“Bryan was fantastic. Personable guy that knew what he was doing. He had a check list, but went well beyond that. It took my builder a month to get everything fixed that he found. Including that the insulation that I paid for was not what was in the attic. They sprayed R30. I paid for R38. The builder fixed it, but I would have never known had I not called someone to do my inspection. Walked the entire upper part of my roof, and found cracked tiles. again all things that I would not have found.
I looked at several places. I called them all. Bryan was not the cheapest, but they were all pretty close. I checked his credentials. I spoke to him on the phone as I did with all of the prospects.
I wanted to add a few things after so they made it on my year end with the builder, he added those on his own time. Can't say enough good about the guy.” - Jeff (source – Angie's List)

“It went well and right on time. Bryan was very efficient and thorough. Thank You” - Bryan (source – Angie's List)

“Looking for an inspector for your home? You seriously will be happy you chose Bryan. I was referred to him by neighbors which were also very happy with him. When I initially called I left a message and he promptly returned my call. Not only was he on time but a few minutes early to my scheduled appointment. He is very professional and extremely thorough. Bryan is also very knowledgeable and takes pride in his work. Upon completion of my home inspection, I was given a printed out summary and Bryan went over everything he found and answered any questions I had. He let me know he would have a complete report emailed to me that evening and he did just that. I highly recommend Bryan for your home inspection needs.” - Jennifer (source – Angie's List)

“Fantastic, when I arranged it, he understood that I wanted to save as much money as possible and get a great product. He even called me back with a discounted price! He has responded very quickly with all communications and since my husband was not able to join me for the review, he made sure I fully understood everything so I could communicate it later.

Great job, very professional and personable.” - Mindy (source – Angie's List)

“Bryan provided excellent service and was there to answer all of our questions. He scheduled quickly (less than 2 days) and was prompt and thorough. I would absolutely recommend Bryan to all home buyers in need of a quality and affordable home inspection.” - Robert (source – Angie's List)

“Bryan Snyder was professional and thorough on his inspection. We received a report on site and he went over what he found in detail, and by that evening we had a full detailed report and a summary to provide to the builder for warranty work. I would recommend Bryan to anyone that's needs to have an inspection done!” - Wendy (source – Angie's List)

“Bryan came to our house to do our 1 year new home inspection. He did an excellent job, and was very pleasant to work with. We would recommend him to anyone looking for a home inspection. Great service. He called and asked if he could come early! He was very polite and answered all my questions. I would recommend anyone to use his services.” - Tom (source – Angie's List)

“Inspected our home prior to the expiration of our home warranty. He was very thorough. He went over his report with us, and patiently showed us all areas of concern and need for attention.” - Sylvia (source – Angie's List)

“Bryan of AZ Superior Home Inspection inspected our new home for it's upcoming 1 year warranty builder walkthrough. Bryan covered all areas of the house including garages, closets, and attics. He made note of all the items the homeowner would normally bring to the attention of the builder during the builders inspection warranty walkthrough. Bryan was thoroughly professional during his inspection, report review, and wrap-up. Bryan spent more than five hours performing his inspection and producing his report. His pricing was very reasonable. I highly recommend AZ Superior Home Inspection for your buyer/seller home inspection, as well as warranty inspections.” - William (source – Angie's List)

“AZ Superior Home Inspections is a one stop shop. The owner of the company does the work himself and takes pride in everything he does. He showed up promptly at the time stated in the agreement and provided a summary report with detailed pictures before he left. I would highly recommend this company for his integrity, attention to detail, professionalism, and pricing.” - Jess (source – Better Business Bureau)

“Printed out Report before left; Within hours received email with all reports and paid invoice; wore booties in the house; found areas such as chipped tiles that I had missed; showed up on time exactly as promised. Mr. Bryan Snyder is a true professional in what he does and takes pride in all his work.  If you are looking for a home inspector look no further as this gentleman has all the tools and more to do the right job the first time. My appointment was at 10:30 and he showed up promptly at 10:30 (no 4 hour block like most companies, which make you wait around all day). Mr. Snyder takes his time and is very detail oriented and prints out a summary report to include pictures before he leaves (explains everything in question). Why go with a big company that just goes from house to house when you can choose AZ Superior Home Inspections to do it right the first time, and is a one man operation that treats every house like it's his own. What more could you ask for from a business professional: integrity, detail oriented, and punctual.” - Jess (source - Angie's List)

“Bryan did a great job! He is very thorough and knowledgeable. He went over all suggested repairs and explained everything very well. I would highly recommend him to others, and have, in fact referred him to a few of my neighbors.” - Stuart (source - Angie's List)

“Brian responded promptly to my inquiry, and scheduled appointment for the following week. He arrived on time and went over the total plan of the inspection in detail, before starting. This man went over this total house from top to bottom, as I never imagined was possible. His report was very complete and precise. He found and identified some very important things that need to be corrected by the builder as we, we come to the end of our first year in the new home. He new exactly what to check and look for, and prepared the documents to present to the builder. Bryan is a very professional person, and I will recommend him to any one I know that needs this service. It was a very valuable project and very much worth the investment. Thank you Bryan, for all your hard work and dedication on this project. I'm sure our paths will cross again some day.” - James & Susan (source – Angie's List)

“Bryan did a great job looking over the house and writing a report for the buyer. He also followed up for me and did a quick termite help when needed.” - Kristin (source – Angie's List)

“Brian did an excellent job” - Bob (source – Angie's List)

“Bryan was very helpful and explained everything” - Christine (source – Angie's List)

“Bryan completed a whole house inspection. He was very thorough and completed the inspection and explained his findings before leaving and then provided us a detailed report, He inspected the roof, exterior of the home, the grounds, attic for insulation, interior of home, all walls, doors, closets, cabinets, appliances, water softener, furnace and air conditioner. Measured the output of heating and cooling of the furnace and air conditioner. Measured the insulation in the attic of the main home. Checked every tile for integrity with a golf ball and I thought that was impressive. This inspection was completed after we purchased it new one year ago. I feel certain of the quality of the home after this inspection. Bryan did a wonderful job performing this whole house inspection. It was from top to bottom, inside and out and very thorough. He spent about 3.5 hours in the home and that is the time frame he guaranteed. I was very impressed with his knowledge of building practices here in Arizona. I would highly recommend his service. He told us what he would do in our home in advance and he lived up to that information. For the price it was well worth it. It made me feel my purchase of this home from the builder was a good one and would highly recommend Canta Mia and AV Homes.”- Robert & Rebecca (source - Angie's List)

“Bryan was great, professional, knowledgeable, and on time. Did a great job on both home inspection and pointed out the issues or things to be aware of. Went out of his way, clean, and the layout of material was easy to read. Thank you and keep up the hard work!” - Steffanie (source – Angie's List)

“Bryan Snyder responded promptly to my inquiry, scheduled appointment for following week. He arrived on time and provided overview of test he would be performing. He completed his work within the estimated timeframe and reviewed the results with me and offered to provide assistance should I require it when working with builders warranty department. I received a Summary Report and a Full Report the same day. Bryan was very professional and thorough.” - Michael (source – Angie's List)

“Brian is very knowledgeable and thorough. He showed up right on time and performed inspection as advertised. The price ws perfect so services performed.” - Jason (source – Angie's List)

“He came on time and got the work done. Provided professional report.” - Shiva (source – Angie's List)

"Dear Mr. Snyder, My wife and I were very pleased with your inspection. It was comprehensive, accurate, and detailed. Please do not hesitate to use me as a reference as your work was excellent. Also, I will contact Angies List and Yelp with very good things to say. If my builder has any questions, I will be in touch." - John (source – email)

"great detailed reports supplied onsite at the end of the inspection." - Natalie (source - Angie's List)

"He was punctual, very professional and very detailed, the total time of inspection was 5.5 hours. I was very pleased with the work." - Monte (source - Angie's List)

"I received a mailer from this company that said they did inspections prior to new home warranties expiring. I completed my contact information on the company website and received a call back within an hour. On the day of the service, Bryan, the business owner arrived on time and advised that house my size would take about 3 to 3 1/2hrs. He did a general inspection of the exterior of the home including the roof and the stucco on the exterior. The interior was then inspected. He measured the insulation in the attic of which he found that areas were not insulated to the appropriate thickness. He checked for cracks in the plaster on the interior walls and also checked for cracks in the tile grout. He verified that all the builder supplied kitchen appliances were working and all the electrical outlets were functional. Also, checked that the tile floors were installed correctly. After the inspection was complete, he printed a detailed report and also e-mailed it to me for my record. He also printed a summary report which I sent to the Builder. Once I had the repairs done by the builder, Bryan said he would return and reinspect. He said that if he was in the area he would not charge me but if he was not in the area, re-inspection would be $75. He returned on 6/16 and re-inspected the insulation level and a couple other issues that had been repaired. He did not charge me for the return visit. I thought the inspection was well worth the $200, as I was able to have the builder make repairs while still under warranty." - Frances (source - Angie's List)

“Thank you so much! You were so wonderful, I'd recommend you to anyone." - Lindsey (source- Email)

“Complete inspection of all elements of the home. Having sold many houses with "inspections", Brian was the most complete and professional inspector I have seen. I would recommend Brian to anyone needing a home inspection. We were extremely please with Brian's inspection. He was on time, cleaned up after himself, very professional and thorough. Could not recommend him more highly. Have already referred him to one neighbor." - John (source - Angie's List)

"Great job, very detailed review of the entire home. It took 5 hrs and Bryan was very through in what he did. Highly recommended" - Teza (source - Angie's List)

"Very Professional, knowledgeable, and informative. Bryan took the time to show and explain all findings of his through inspection. Well worth the money!! Great Value." - Terry (source - Angie's List)

"Bryan provided home inspection services. We bought a new home and were coming up on our one year builders warranty. Bryan was able to identify several issues that we would have completely overlooked. The inspection was very thorough. Bryan made sure he had ample time to inspect everything. At the end of the inspection he provided a summary and detail report that we could present to our builders. These reports contained the items that should be addressed and fixed by the builder. Many of these items would have been overlooked. For example, Bryan found several broken roof tiles and loose vent covers on the roof. These are things that could have caused problems over time, especially during rainy seasons. We were not sure whether it was worth having the inspection done at first, however, we are very glad we did. We would recommend Bryan to anyone needing home inspection services." - Malcolm (source - Angie's List)

"Fully inspected home inside and out. Plumbing, electrical, roof, attic, structure, tiles, etc. We are very pleased with the thorough home inspection. The provider was very professional and polite and stayed on task. We feel that he provided us valuable information regarding our home." - Rob (source - Angie's List)

"Our home inspector did a very complete inspection for our 10 month New Home, including checking our sprinkler system. Bryan did such a complete inspection in preparation for us to finish out first year since the home was built, that he should do Everyone's' inspection. He truly is a professional who takes pride in his work and his personal nature compliments his professionalism. He did not rush through the process, yet took his time inside and out. He also spent time to explain his results and provided a followup report that was emailed to us in addition to the 3 copies of complete reports. He answered any questions I had in full and understandable language." - Scott (source - Angie's List)

"They were very professional. We received the Summary and full report in written form, in a nice binder, before he left our house and we received the electronic version later that night through email." - Michael (source - Angie's List)

"It went very well. The inspection was very thorough, and the inspector identified several repairs. The other benefit was that we knew that all the major systems in the house (heat pump, water heater, etc.) were all in good shape. We received both a summary report and a detailed report within hours of completing the inspection. We sent the summary report to the builder, and the repairs have been made." - Deborah (source - Angie's List)

"Bryan Snyder, the home inspector came to the property at the agreed upon time. He proceeded to perform the home inspection, he was going to take most of the day to complete but since there were no utilities available I asked him to concentrate on the structural aspects of the home, since it would be a cash transaction. He worked for about 4 hours at which time I got to see that he was a true professional, even thought the house was in bad shape, he did his due diligence and was very friendly and pleasant. He provided the report almost immediately. I am a facilities manager for a local non-profit agency, I needed to arrange for a home inspection, I called several that were referred to me through an online company. I wanted the inspection done within the next couple of days and Bryan Snyder was the only one who could do it within that short of a time frame. I asked him his prices and they were on average what I was getting quoted, I selected him because he could do the work more quickly than others. I didn't give him any other information except age of the home and address. When I met Bryan at the home to do the inspection, he mentioned that he looked up our agency on-line and found out that we were a local charity and did lots of great things that he supported. He said he would give me a discount because he liked to give something back. I figured he would knock off fifty bucks and I would welcome it. To my surprise, I ended up paying $100 when I was prepared to pay the entire $280 fee. He explained that he didn't think it would be fair to charge the full amount since he would be taking as much time as he figured and also he truly felt like contributing. I know I can't thank Mr. Snyder enough, sometimes you don't know what you getting into when you contract people, he's knowledgeable, professional and friendly. Let me try to alleviate any concerns when you need a home inspector, contact Bryan Snyder of AZ Superior Home Inspections, I got lucky when I contacted him, you do the same, good luck on all your projects." - Jose (source - Angie's List)

"excellent very professional service " - Nery (source - Angie's List)

"Bryan was right on time and very professional in performing his job. He is knowledgeable and hardworking professional." - Vishwam (source - Angie's List)

"This is our first home purchase. We received our accepted offer on a Saturday and I located Bryan via his website on a Saturday. I called him around 3pm and he answered the phone and was able to schedule an inspection for later that week. He was extremely professional and accommodating. In addition, he located a few concerns which we had addressed.

I will be calling Bryan again when we need our next home inspection and would recommend him to anyone who appreciates professionalism and quality work." - Blake (source - Angie's List)


"Very professional" - Billy (source - Angie's List)

"Thanks Bryan - appreciate your thorough job." - Patti:-) (source -email response)​​​